Four Farmers. One Winery.

We want to make it easy for you to afford better wine. It’s why we work with some of the most respected growers in Northern California’s emerging regions to source only the highest quality grapes, before blending them ourselves. Then instead of passing our wines on to distributors and retailers, we send them directly to you. We share our journey along the way because we want you to know exactly where the wine you’re drinking comes from, and how much you’re saving in the process. That’s Empathy.

A Sustainable Approach to Grape Growing

We spent a great deal of time carefully selecting our partners. Our growers are all known for their sustainable farming practices and take pride in their unique approaches to giving back to the earth that gives so much to all of us.

The Process Makes the Product

We are a winery. We make all of our wines ourselves. Each year after our farmers harvest the grapes, which we age them in our own barrels and state-of-the-art tanks.  Then every season, we sample dozens of our own personal blends until we’ve found the best bottle for your money.

Wines like ours, with high quality grapes from the best farmers, blended by experienced winemakers are often priced at $40+ per bottle at wine shops thanks to mark-ups by distributors and retailers. Instead, we sell our wines directly to you from our winery. This way, you pay $20 for an incredible bottle of wine that stands up to wines you’d have to pay $40+ for at the store.