Our mission is to make the highest-quality wine for the most affordable price. Using our decades of experience in the wine industry and our passion for making better wine more accessible as our guides, we don’t stop until there’s disproportionately more value in our bottles of high-quality Red, White, and Rosé than you’re paying for it.


🍇 We source high-quality grapes from acclaimed growers in California

🍷 We age and blend the wines in our own barrels and state-of-the-art tanks

👅 We sample dozens of blends until we’ve got it just right

📦 We save you money and a trip to the store by shipping to you

A chart shows the cost of buying from Empathy when the cost of intermediaries is removed - $20 through Empathy, and $40 retail.


Our wines feature high-quality grapes sourced from acclaimed growers and blended by experienced winemakers. At a wine shop, bottles of a similar quality would run you more than $40, but by cutting out the middleman, we can sell ours for $20. Shipping Empathy Wines directly to you means no retail markup, which saves you money and a trip to the store. Get high-quality wines crafted by experts for less and drink at a better value.