2018 Empathy Rosé

“Probably the best Rosé ever made."


GaryVee might be a bit biased, but our 2018 blend was a blockbuster hit among all wine drinkers. Take it from Rob S., “Not usually a pink drinker but this covers all the bases.”

Rosé Q&A with co-founder Jon troutman

What makes the perfect Blend?

Just like you heard in all those online yoga and meditation classes you’ve started taking, it’s all about balance. Those juicy, delicious strawberry and watermelon flavors need to be balanced with some tart, acidic attributes to keep the flavors refreshing.

How do you decide which varietals go into the blend?

Taste, taste, and taste some more. We’ve sourced some key varietals like Grenache, Syrah, Pinot Noir, from some incredible farmers across Northern California.

How do you determine when it’s got the right taste?

Once crushed and fermented, we begin tasting the components individually, and then blending them together in “trials.” Just like a great chef, we’re trying to find the ideal combination of ingredients to strike that delicious flavor and balance.