Empathy Wines x VeeFriends 2021 Meerkat Muscat
Limited Edition

Invest in GaryVee’s VeeFriends collab with Empathy Wines, dry, crisp, and refreshing Napa Valley Muscat with grapefruit and mango flavors and a long bright finish. Every purchase comes with exclusive To The Moon Meerkat merch.

VeeFriends To The Moon Muscat

Empathy Muscat 2 bottle and one tshirt pack photo

2021 To The Moon Meerkat Muscat
2 Bottles + 1 Tee Shirt

Empathy Muscat 5 bottles and one tshirt pack

2021 To The Moon Meerkat Muscat
5 Bottles + 1 Tee Shirt

Empathy Muscat 10 bottles, one tshirt and one tank top

2021 To The Moon Meerkat Muscat
10 Bottles + 1 Tee Shirt & 1 Tank

Gary holding up to the moon Meerkat drawing


VeeFriends is an NFT company based on 268 characters that symbolize characteristics and traits that creator Gary Vaynerchuk believes drive happiness and business success. All VeeFriends characters were created with alliteration around a key quality and an associated animal or figure. Through collaborations and storytelling, it is VeeFriends and Gary's ambitions to empower our community and the world at large to understand, respect, and ultimately utilize VeeFriends traits and what valuable lessons they may provide in their personal and professional lives. ​ ​


"VeeFriends, like Empathy Wines, is a culmination of my life. If social media was around when I was younger, I would definitely have bet my lemonade money on predicting both of these projects coming to life in the future. Now in my forties, it’s fun for me that I’ve fulfilled two very clear destinies: building a wine brand from the ground up and creating an extraordinary community around creativity and intellectual property." - Gary

A bottle of Muscat being held next to the pool


 Empathy does NOT ship to: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia.