A great deal or barter adds up to 1+1 equalling 3.

We want to sell a significant amount of Empathy Wine. And in return, deliver you something of insanely good value, above and beyond the wine itself.

We're entertaining all sorts of offers... but let's get grounded in some numbers.

Time is the ultimate and most valuable asset for our Gary Vaynerchuk. A typical speaking engagement fetches north of 6-figures. Any deal requiring Gary's time, or requiring him to travel, will require a wine purchase of commensurate value.

Gary has also built and designed many offerings intended to scale his time and expertise. For instance, VaynerMedia's Daily Digital Deep Dive is a 1-day consulting session, led by marketing executives across a range of digital specializations. Its ticket value of $10,000 could be bartered for a similarly valued Empathy Wines purchase.

The above are only two examples of offerings. Like any entrepreneurial organization, we're flexible. Now is your time to get creative. Let us know what you're hoping for from us, and in exchange, the value of wine you're prepared to purchase.

Fill out the form below and someone on our team will be in touch soon to discuss your proposal. Now, let's make a deal...